The Life of a Computer Gamer

A computer gamer isn’t so much someone that plays video games as much as they are someone that plays video games a lot. It can be a 24/7 job where you spend every waking hour playing your favorite games. Others spend even more time at their computer desk, as they spend hours every day searching the internet for tips and tricks for the newest games.

Life of a Computer Gamer

A video gamer is just like any other kid, except with video games. But not all gamers are the same. Some love playing a large variety of different kinds of games; others only play one or two particular genres. Some gamers are introverts and prefer alone time, while others like to game in groups. But there is one thing all gamers have in common: we all have our own unique stories about how video games have impacted our lives.

Being a gamer is, in a lot of ways, a solitary activity. The gamer sits alone in a room, using a controller or keyboard, to play a game. The theory is that the gamer will get lost in another world, untethered to the real world through isolation. But is this how the majority of gamers actually spend their lives? The life of a gamer. One might say they lead the life of those who live in a constant video game world. They wake up to the sounds of a loading screen. They watch their computer monitor for hours before the screen is shut off. They go to bed with their computer’s glowing screen.

Advantages from the Life of a Gamer

  • Brain Booster. Children playing computer games are no more anti-social. Though, the brains of children have developed to a certain extent that playing video games is now considered one of the best ways to boost brainpower. The phenomenon of children who play video games has caught the attention of leading neurologists and psychiatrists. There are teachers who believe that children who play video games do not have attention deficit disorder as many schools once thought. Instead, they develop the ability to perceive the world from different perspectives.
  • May Ease Anxiety and Depression. Research has shown that playing video games can reduce stress. In a recent study, people who played video games for 24 hours had lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, than those who simply watched TV. Playing video games can be a stress reliever, especially when players focus on their game. People usually become absorbed in the game, which may prevent feelings of paranoia, anxiety, or depression from creeping in.
  • Improved Vision. Computer games require good visual acuity and repetitive hand-eye coordination. In fact, research has shown that playing certain video games on a regular basis can improve visual perception-which means that while you play, your eyes are being trained to be more precise and alert.

Disadvantages from the Life of a Gamer

  • Back Pain. Any work which consists of sitting for long hours in front of the screen gives rise to the problem of pain in the back. And it can be the same for gamers unless they are using a good quality office chair (such as those available at this office supply store), sitting straight, and taking breaks in between for stretching or leisurely activities. However, sometimes, to improve posture and alleviate pain symptoms, individuals may need to seek the services of a skilled chiropractor or get a massage that targets their pain points. To locate skilled massage therapists, gamers can search online using phrases like “massage near me” to get a soothing massage that reduces muscle soreness and improves flexibility.
  • Social Replacement. A recent study looked at the effect digital media has on children, particularly on executive functioning skills. Executive functioning, which studies show is a predictor of academic success, is a set of cognitive skills that involve the ability to plan, organize, and manage oneself. Children with executive functioning problems tend to perform poorly in school, struggle to develop relationships with peers and adults, and have difficulty controlling their emotions.
  • Stress. Computer games are a major source of stress for many, as they require concentration and the proper response at pace. It can be very detrimental to your health. Though there tend to be some potent solutions to deal with stress, such as CBD (available at canadacannabisdispensary and similar e-stores), you should follow the everything in moderation mantra. This can allow you time to unwind and relax, so that the gaming doesn’t take a toll on your health.

Gamers’ lives are not all the same because some of them would love to explore different genres of games, while some want to stay in one genre.

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