Keeping Up with The Latest Computer Game Trends and News

Gaming has been a popular hobby for years, but recently, the video game community has picked up speed to create and share new content. The rise of social media platforms and blogging services, like YouTube and Tumblr, have helped create a place to voice opinions, showcase new video games, and even become celebrities in their own right. The popularity of YouTube, in particular, has made it easier than ever for gamers to share their experiences and views. Through the power of video, gamers can communicate their passion and opinions on video games, technology, and gaming culture, and become well-known figures, all from the convenience of their home.

The Latest Computer Game Trends and News

Video games have come a long way in the past few years. With new genres popping up every day, getting overwhelmed when trying to find the newest releases and hoping to play something worth your time is easy. If you are a video game enthusiast, here are the latest gaming trends and news to help you stay informed and up to date with the latest happenings in the gaming world.

Increased Diversity In Games

The games industry is a diverse, global community. And recognition has been a big focus this year, with a number of diversity initiatives being launched. In fact, it’s the focus of this year’s GDC in a Diverse World, where a number of speakers across a number of industries, from make-up and clothing to architecture and software, are sharing varied experiences, challenges, and best practices for inclusivity. So, what exactly have companies been doing to increase diversity in the games industry? It’s a simple thing: they’re giving more opportunities to women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities.

Roblox Helps Scale Indie Gaming

Indie gaming has brought a fresh wave of creativity to the established gaming industry, bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives to the industry while challenging industry leaders to up their game. Sean McAlister, the founder of Roblox, hopes that his latest endeavor, Robux, will help promote indie gaming even further, as well as give creators a way to make money from their creativity.

New PC Gaming Platforms Challenge Steam

For years, Steam has been the gaming platform of choice for PC gamers. Steam hosts millions of games, including most of the major releases from major publishers like Bethesda and Ubisoft. Its robust library makes it an attractive choice for players, and Steam gets all of the revenue from each game sold on the platform. This helps keep costs down for indie developers; plus, Steam is free to download, so users are more likely to buy something if the game is already on the service.

Cloud Gaming Services Grow and Expand

The cloud gaming market has been growing, and it’s expected to continue growing. There are several cloud gaming services available today, including Amazon GameLift, Microsoft’s Project xCloud, and Sony’s PlayStation Now. These cloud gaming services allow you to stream games from remote servers instead of physically buying, installing, and playing games on your local device.

Next Gen Consoles Battle It Out

Next generation battle: Sony and Microsoft have both recently released advanced consoles, and with Sony’s recent announcement of the PlayStation Neo and Xbox Series X, the battle is on. The consoles promise to bring numerous improvements, including new ways to play games with more powerful graphics and better performance.

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