About Me

I absorb anime stories like a sponge absorbs water. I devour those with illustrations as well as those a bit more serious. I have a real archive of fairy tales from around the world in my home and I really want to share them with you.

Like all comics lovers with access to the Internet I’m an avid reader of comics sites and comics reviews online. There’s a lot of good and enjoyable material out there, but there are also a substantial amount of reviews that are puzzling to me. I’m talking about comics reviewers who, I notice, are simply unhappy about anything that they read, or nearly everything. These are readers who set the bar so high that only a very select handful of comics make their grade. It’s their right to say what they want and I don’t begrudge them that. I’m puzzled, because why is it that nearly everything (but not all) of the comics I’ve read are good or great but the same comics get shot down in the reviews? The answer is, of course, the subjective, deeply personal nature of reviews.

Art is the bridge 

My involvements goes far beyond the community of comic book and games fans. I publish articles in newspapers and magazines devoted to art and culture, or search for an audience beyond the scope of comic art.

I have a clear purpose and passion. I act instead of talking about my plans. I educate the market by providing detailed analyses and benchmarks of the comic book collectors’ market, both in the United States and abroad. I actively promote artists cooperating with Mecca Anime – in the press, on the Internet, by organizing thematic exhibitions in recognized galleries all over the country. I am developing a portfolio of collectors with whom I keep in touch in terms of consulting as well as in the sale and purchase process.

As all Muslims turn to Mecca to pray, everyone should turn to the art that is the source of life that animates us.