Everything You Need to Know About Lego Star Wars

The Lego Star Wars franchise may be the oldest in Lego’s lineup, but it’s definitely the most diverse. The three-game series includes Lego Star Wars, Lego Star Wars II, and Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. The games span multiple generations of Star Wars, with storylines across the entire franchise—from the original Star Wars trilogy to newer films like Rogue One.

Star Wars Legos are probably the most popular Lego series in history, but you may not know this much about them.

Here are eight things you may not know about Star Wars Legos.

It Was the First Licensed LEGO Brand

The Star Wars LEGO line has been around for over two decades. Let’s take a moment to celebrate how far these toys have come. In 1990, LEGO Star Wars was released. The original line consisted of 10 sets, each containing 2-8 pieces. The sets included Cloud City, Cantina Band, Boba Fett, the Death Star, Snow speeder, AT-AT, X-Wing, and Slave 1. In 1995, LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The line was later spun off into Clone Wars Minifigs.

Star Wars Legos have been a phenomenon since 1978. The Star Wars Lego Minifigures have become synonymous with people’s dreams and journeys. And so be it because LEGOs have come a long way.

The Biggest Official LEGO Star Wars Set is the Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is one of those iconic pieces of movie history that everyone, young and old, can recognize. As Han Solo’s ship, the Falcon has made appearances in a variety of Star Wars movies, from The Empire, Strikes Back to the most recent installment, The Last Jedi. The Falcon is part of a massive LEGO set released in 2015, and it sold out instantly.

What New LEGO Star Wars Sets Are Coming Out This Year?

LEGO Star Wars is a massive franchise that ranks as one of the best-selling toy lines of all time. With so many sets and characters, it’s understandable if you’ve only scratched the surface of what’s out there. To help you get more out of your LEGO Star Wars hobby, we’ve compiled some of the most impressive facts, figures, and facts you may not know about Star Wars Legos.

There are over 300 LEGO Star Wars sets available, covering every film in the series, characters from Clone Wars and Rebels, and scenes from dozens of video games. This year, there are more new sets than ever, and here are all the details you want to know so you don’t miss out.

There Have Been FIVE Lego Star Wars games

Did you know there are five Star Wars Lego games? It’s true! Technically, there are 5 games, but they basically share the same universe. Each game takes place in a different era in the Star Wars universe, and each one focuses on a different character, so they’re all connected.

  1. Star Wars: The Complete Saga (1.0 to 3.0)
  2. Lego Star Wars II
  3. Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
  4. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I & II)
  5. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes III & IV)

They’re Still Making LEGO Star Wars Games

While Star Wars has pretty much taken over the culture at this point, there was a time when it wasn’t even a pop-culture juggernaut. The movies were still an unproven concept, and Lucas was still working on his trilogy when he designed LEGO Star Wars. Since then, the franchise has snowballed into a cultural phenomenon, and LEGO video games are a part of that. They’re still making LEGO Star Wars games.

Star Wars is the biggest movie franchise of all time, and while the franchise has branched out into books and comic books, there’s still no denying the pull of Disney’s classic trilogy. While Disney has revisited the Star Wars universe with a slew of films, they’ve also made several original Star Wars video games. These games excited fans of all ages as they discovered a galaxy far, far away that came to life on the screen. Star Wars Legos, the newest game in the Lego Star Wars franchise, is available now, just in time to celebrate Star Wars Day.

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