Three Comic Heroes You May Not Know

There are many comic book superheroes that people know of. If you’re a comic book and graphic novel fan (which we’re guessing you are), you may already be familiar with Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. You may even know about Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. But there are some awesome comic heroes out there that do not have the name recognition of those two all-stars. They have faded into obscurity. There is a reason why these characters have not achieved the same popular status as their peers. Some of them have not had the best writers or artists. Others have had their stories told. Some have been shoehorned into plots and stories that have nothing to do with their core characters.

In the history of comics, there have been many characters that are so popular that people (including the people who made the comics) know all about them. Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man are household names. But in the world of comics, there are many other heroes who have enjoyed success and popularity but are less widely known outside of aficionado circles and even within the comic book industry.

It’s the little-known comic heroes you don’t know that often make the most interesting reading. Whether they’re from a time before mainstream superheroes or from the pages of a comic that never gained widespread popularity, we’ve all got someone to learn about. Here are 3 of the most obscure comic heroes out there.

  1. Zatanna

In the late 1950s, the Zatara family (of whom our heroine is a member) was well known for their various stage magic shows. Tragically, however, their daughter Zatanna was born a stage magician with no powers of her own, making her the least useful member of the family. As a result of her family’s disappointment, Zatanna decided to leave home and pursue her life.


Zatanna is a fictional superhero character, a comic book superheroine created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Murphy Anderson. Zatanna has been featured in numerous DC Comics publications and has been adapted into various media. The character’s first incarnation appeared in Hawkman #4, published in November 1964, and was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson.


  1. Plastic man

It’s time to look at a hero that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Sure, he’s not really known by a lot of people and definitely isn’t considered the best hero out there, but he’s a hero just the same. In fact, he’s one of the oldest heroes out there. You may have heard of Plastic Man, but chances are you’re not an avid fan. Plastic Man was created by Jack Cole in 1941 and is known for being a hero who can stretch his body to solve crimes.


Trying to make a living from crime is always a dangerous business. It’s all well and good to have a master plan, but when that intricate scheme to steal the entire planet from Lex Luthor goes awry, you need to be able to adapt quickly. That’s why Plastic Man was a hero to root for: with the ability to stretch his body into any shape, he could quickly change his appearance to match a wanted poster or to fit in a very small clown car.


  1. Superhero Stargirl

You’ve probably never heard of Stargirl before, and that’s partially because she’s a relatively new superhero. Stargirl is the cousin of the DC superheroine, Supergirl. The name “Stargirl” was chosen by her father, Larry Lance. He and her mother, Frances, are both astronomers. She first debuted in 2011, when she was created by Geoff Johns and artist Jerry Ordway for DC’s relaunched Justice Society of America series.


Her secret identity is Courtney Whitmore, a high school freshman with a pretty typical life. She’s the head cheerleader, she plays soccer, and she has a crush on the school’s star quarterback. But Stargirl is also a superhero, and when she’s not busy saving the universe, she’s saving her school from the kind of every day, the life-threatening danger that most people never even think about. (You know, things like aliens, monsters, and supervillains.)

And there you have it! Three of the comic heroes that you probably may not know about!