Square Enix Releases In 2021

Square Enix develops and publishes video games in Japan. As of December 2018, the company has released over 100 games, including Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest.

Square Enix has a history of releasing games towards the end of each medium’s life span. Its most recent release was in 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This makes 2021 seem like an unlikely year for the company to release anything new.

With that said, it could be possible that Square Enix releases another game in 2021 since it is such a long time away from now. The only way to find out what Square Enix plans on releasing in 2021 is to keep an eye on the company’s social media accounts or website, which will tell you what they are currently working on

Square Enix’s History 

Square Enix, originally known as Square Co., Ltd., is a Japanese video game developer, publisher, and operating unit of the Square Enix Holdings corporation.

Square is popular for all of its franchises on role-playing video game, including Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. The company also has branched out into other genres such as online games and mobile applications.

Some of Square Enix’s major franchises include Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Hitman (video game series), Just Cause 2 (game), Thief (video game series), Sleeping Dogs, Lara Croft Go (mobile application), Final Fantasy XI (online multiplayer RPG), Final Fantasy XIV Online (multiplayer online RPG) and Dragon Quest X Online.

What Has Square Enix Released in 2021?

Since then, Square Enix has been releasing games and expanding its portfolio to include movies, music, comics, etc. Square Enix has also released many games in the past few years that are considered AAA titles. The most recent release of their newest installment is Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Here are some of the other big titles released this year:

1. NEO: The World Ends with You 



4. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 


6. DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds 


8. HITMAN SNIPER: The Shadows 

Square Enix’s History of Success

Square Enix is a multinational video game developer and publisher headquartered in Japan. They were the third-largest video game company in the world by revenue, behind Sony and Nintendo in 2018.

It was originally a card manufacturer called “Square Co., Ltd.” before it changed into a computer game company. It was founded on September 9, 1973, by Yasuhiro Fukushima with the release of Final Fantasy, which achieved critical success worldwide. Square Co., Ltd. started to create role-playing games such as Final Fantasy, while Square Enix continued to produce computer games for Windows and consoles until 1987 when they released Dragon Quest II for the Nintendo Famicom console, which became their first breakthrough title in Japan’s video game market, which led them to establish, their first development studio on April 27th of that year: Square Co.,

Square Enix is one of the most successful games companies in the world. With a history of success spanning over 40 years, Square Enix has made its name by creating some of the most memorable video games in history, such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts.

It is a global game company with one of the highest revenues in the industry. In its most recent fiscal year, it generated an income of $4.4 billion and has a market capitalization of almost $19 billion.

Square Enix’s Plan for the Future of the Mobile Platforms

Square Enix is one of the biggest game companies in the world. It has played a key role in the industry for decades, and now it is striving to be a leader in mobile gaming. With its latest release, Square Enix is confident that it will dominate the mobile gaming market and become a leader in AAA games.

Square Enix will continue to make its own games for consoles and PCs. It wants to expand its reach by creating more games that can be enjoyed on mobile platforms as well as non-mobile platforms.