Comic Movies Coming Up In 2021

The year 2021 has been a strong one for the comic movie genre. For those of you who enjoy comic books, and the movies they inspire, you’re in for a fantastic year of entertainment in 2021. In fact, it features so many films that it’s hard to keep track of. Fortunately, we’re here to give you a hand. While most of the comic movies we know, love, and quote on a regular basis are already set for release in 2021, some of the best ones are yet to be announced.

Behold, our list of upcoming comic movies is coming up in 2021! Here are some of the comics that’ll be turned into movies this year. Let’s get started.


  1. Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings

It has all the ingredients of a pop culture sensation. A fresh-faced, talented cast, coupled with stunning fight choreography and a compelling villain, will likely result in a smash box office hit. As with many Marvel movies, however, this one is a bit of a departure from its comic book origins.

Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” will be one of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that will be available in theaters. It is an adaptation of the Shang-Chi character in Marvel Comics, a skilled martial artist and the son of Fu Manchu. The film is directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, who also directed “Short Term 12” and “The Glass Castle.” It stars Simu Liu as the title character, as well as Tony Revolori, Awkwafina, and Jing Lusi.

  1. The Suicide Squad

Prepare your mind. We’re talking about The Suicide Squad, wherein even the best of the best are sent to do the dirtiest work.

While the D.C. Extended Universe is still trying to recover from the critical and commercial disappointment that was Justice League, Warner Bros. is already hard at work on the next film in its superhero lineup. After years of being stuck in sequels and sidequels, the D.C. cinematic universe was finally ready to bring D.C.’s most famous villains to the big screen.

The Suicide Squad movie 2021 introduces the team to a new generation and is the first movie in the new universe to feature a villain as the main character. Jared Leto is the only actor in the movie who has been promoted, but the rest of the cast is expected to be revealed in the near future.

It will be the first DCEU film to be directed by an African-American: Michael B. Jordan of Black Panther-fame. Jordan will also be starring in the movie as a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, a character who will be a relatively minor player on the Squad but will play a big role in the events of the film.

  1. Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness

After a successful partnership with Marvel Studios on Spider-Man: Far from Home, Sony has finally agreed to co-finance a Doctor Strange movie (and we’ll finally get to see the Master of the Mystic Arts in his own solo outing). This movie is a sequel to Dr. Strange.

The multi-verse is a very dangerous place. Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness brings the good Doctor and his allies to the high-stakes gambling capital of the Marvel Multiverse, where they’ll put their powers – and their lives – on the line as they try to stop the evil Gamemaster. Playing cards and other casino-themed props will be the least of their worries, as the heroes will also have to dodge bullets, blades, and the usual array of super-villain power-enhancing tech. And, of course, they’ll have to fight a literal host of otherworldly foes before making it out with their lives… and their loot.

  1. Thor: Love and Thunder

Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Love and Thunder that’ll be released in 2021, is the fourth film in the Thor movie series. Most of the main cast is returning, including Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Tessa Thompson. The film is set in the year 2021 in New York City. The plot involves Thor and Jane Foster traveling throughout the city, looking for the return of Thor’s mother, Frigga.